Why Not Using a Grammar Check Service Can Cost You Your Dream Job


Get a Quick Grammar Check from Stickler Editing - Professional EditorIf there’s one thing that hiring managers hate, it’s receiving a cover letter or a resume that’s full of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. While you may think that those one, two, or ten grammatical errors that you made aren’t a big deal, in reality, these set off red flags for your potential future employer.

Think you can get away without doing a grammar check? Think again. Here’s why:
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They’ll Question Your Education

While you may say that you received your bachelor’s degree from a reputable university, your employer will certainly be questioning what sort of education you received if you’re still mixing up “then” and “than” or “who” and “whom”. The sad part about this is that we often mix up such easily spotted errors simply because we didn’t bother with grammar checking. By not taking those extra few minutes to go through your work, or hiring a “check my grammar” editing service to quickly whiz through your resume or cover letter, you could end up trivializing that degree you spent four or more years working towards and hampering your ability to land a great job.

They’ll Question Your Attention to Detail

If you can’t use an apostrophe correctly, your potential employer will really begin to question just how well you can pay attention to detail. Those who are able to use grammar properly or who conduct grammar checks on their work are already showing the employer that they care about the “little things” that can make a big impact on the “big picture.”

They’ll Think You’re Sloppy and Lazy

If you won’t bother to perfect your use of the English language, then just what will you bother to do right? Employers are incredibly apprehensive when it comes to choosing candidates who send in resumes filled with tense errors, spelling mistakes, and poor grammar. They’ll immediately assume that you didn’t bother to take the time to edit your resume and cover letter (even though you very well might have), and if you didn’t bother to proofread that resume and cover letter that you’re using to try and land a job, then you obviously don’t care about getting that job very much, right?

Why Editing Services and a Proper Grammar Check Can Land You a Job

The fact of the matter is that a poorly produced resume or cover letter can completely undermine the hard work and dedication you’ve put into your industry or field of work. For some individuals, it doesn’t matter how many times they go through their resume or their cover letter—there’ll still be those tense errors throughout their resume that they may not notice. Worse still, there may be structural errors in both the resume and cover letter which they aren’t even aware are unprofessional or inappropriate.

When you get a professional to sit down and tidy up your work, you’re giving yourself the assurance of knowing that you’re handing in the best copy possible to get that job you’ve always wanted. Then, you know that the copy is clean, is high quality, and will be a true reflection of your skills and abilities.

Get a Quick Grammar Check from Stickler Editing - Professional Editor - Request a Quote


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