Superior editing services, including:

  • Essay Editing
    Proofreading and editing academic essays, dissertations, reports, and white papers.
  • Book Editing
    Nonfiction, fiction, literary novels, etc.
  • Website Editing and Corporate
    Proofreading web content, editing and copywriting text, articles, blogs, and more!

Top-Notch Professional Editing Services You Can Trust

How many times have you worked tirelessly to put up a new page on your website, publish a new business report, hand in a dissertation, or release a new eBook, only to find out that your work is overlooked, ridiculed, or rejected due to a few errant spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes?

Stickler Editing is here to help. Leveraging over fifteen years of experience in his field, the Stickler will go through your work as he has done for countless others, including large corporations and small business owners, multi-national authors and self-published individuals, and PhD candidates and high school students.

By “go through your work,” that means carefully combing through each and every word to ensure that everything is spelled correctly, makes sense grammatically, and that your point comes across loud and clear—and eloquently too! You’ll be given a version of your document with all changes showing, no matter how small, so you can see exactly what was done with your work. You’ll also get a copy with all changes accepted and ready to go, so you can simply publish or hand it in with the push of a button.

Special Offer: Content Creation White Papers, eBooks, Blogs, Articles, Press Releases, Newsletters, Video Scripts, and More!
The Stickler also offers unique and original content to suit your individual needs. For unparalleled content writing services, request a quote today.

Unparalleled Essay Editing

In today’s world, competition in high school and university is immense, and the pressure to do well is ever-increasing. To meet the rising demand placed on students, the Stickler offers his leading essay editing services at a discounted rate. You still get the same top-notch professional editing service, but at a rate students can afford; in other words, premier essay editing at a fair price. To request this service, simply check off “student special” on the request a quote form in addition to all the other details about your project.

Express Editing Services Available!

Having been copy editing, proofreading, and copywriting for all these years, the Stickler is well aware of the various requests often made on an editor. And in today’s non-stop online world, requests for speedy editing services top the list for an online editor! Therefore, Stickler Editing is pleased to announce that in addition to being able to provide all editing services listed above within either three business days or a week (depending on the size and nature of the job), guaranteed, we also have an express editing option for twenty-four hour service or less. To request this service, simply check off “express editing” on the request a quote form in addition to all the other details about your project.

Read Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

There’s good reason why so many companies and individuals choose the Stickler as their editor. The professional editing services provided are not only fast and always reliable, but most importantly, keep the message and voice of your writing in tact, all the while taking it to the next level.

  • “Perfect job man! Very skilled and fast! Thank you very much!”
  • “The Stickler was AWESOME.”
  • “Really fantastic and easy to work with. Highly recommend.”
  • “Managed my expectations, got work back superbly fast, and is a great editor.”

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Some of the Stickler’s Clients

  • Clearfit
  • Toronto Public Library
  • Accenture Procurement BPO
  • A Pass Educational Group
  • Kira Talent
  • SoapBox
  • Golden Child Publishing
  • Johnson's Organic Food
  • Unconventional Baker
  • Hello Scheduling
  • VisaOne
  • Speiran Consulting

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Work with Stickler Editing Today!

If you’ve been burned one time too many by the simple slip of a finger, or perhaps you’ve had enough of waiting weeks for a second pair of eyes to scan your work, only to get it back feeling like it no longer sounds like you wrote it, why not give Stickler Editing a try?

No more going cross-eyed rereading your work again and again, nor the hassle of back and forth with a faceless editing agency trying to find out the status of your project. The Stickler gives a 100 percent guarantee that your work will come back on time and mistake-free.

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