Structural and Substantive Editing

Complete Structural and Substantive Editing_Stickler EditingComplete structural or substantive editing refers to an absolute overhaul of your work. This goes above and beyond the superior standard online editing services provided by the Stickler (a thorough check for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and general matters of style), and is catered to raw first drafts in need of complete structural or substantive editing, that is, a thorough check of and suggestions provided for content, structure, flow, style, clarity, and consistency of the work.

While these things are lightly checked with our standard editing service, with complete restructural editing, you can hand over your work in whatever fashion it may be, and the Stickler will not only give advice, but can patch together your good ideas and mold them into a coherent book, essay, article, or whatever else you need.

Editing Services - Request a Quote Simply take a minute and fill out the questionnaire on the request a quote page to get a free and accurate estimate for the custom job you need done, today. Need something other than substantive editing? Check out the rest of our editing services.


  • “Really fantastic and easy to work with. Highly recommend.”
  • “Perfect job man! Very skilled and fast! Thank you very much!”
  • “The Stickler was AWESOME.”

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