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About the Stickler—Professional Editor, Proofreader, and Copywriter

About the Stickler - Professional Proofreader EditorProfessional editing and proofreading services on time, every time. Precise, affordable, and with the experience to prove it, Stickler Editing is fully qualified to tackle any copy editing or writing job you need, from a short description on an independent website to a university paper, a feature article in a national magazine to a major book publication worldwide.

Editor at Heart

The Stickler has been writing and copy editing since a very young age, achieving such notoriety and reputation in his craft that even as early as grade one, his teacher put him to work marking his classmates’ tests! An avid reader as a child, with a strong family history immersed in books, libraries, and the like, he quickly developed a love for words and a keen eye for style and grammar. He went on to complete a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in English at the University of Toronto in Canada, and later trained and spent time as an ESL instructor, as well as working many years as a library clerk—all the while working as a freelance editor in Toronto. As such, in addition to this firm foundation, he brings over fifteen years of experience editing and proofreading professionally to the table, with work done on personal and company websites, books by independent and multinational authors, advertisements for a major public library system, countless high school and university essays, hundreds of hours of transcriptions of public lectures, and more. Being a stickler where it counts, and as a professional and quality editor you can trust, you can rest assured that once you hand over your work, he will catch everything there is.

View some of the Stickler’s past and current editing experiences on the experienced editor page. And what do these clients have to say? Read some testimonials. The Stickler is the leading proofreader editor online today!

Stickler’s Editing Philosophy

We strongly believe that your work should always remain distinctly yours. Therefore, unless specifically requested to do otherwise, Stickler Editing preserves the original style and voice of your work when editing, making only necessary and minimal copy edits and changes for spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, accuracy, and completeness as a good editor should. As such, when you hand over your work to the Stickler, it gets not only a meticulous and methodical check and comes out clean, but also, remains and feels definitively yours. See the editing services page for full details about our professional editing services based in Toronto and provided throughout the world.

Don’t settle for a half-baked job that you know just won’t cut it, and don’t overpay for what you don’t need. Request a quote from Stickler Editing today and get the job done right. We look forward to going through your work.

~ Stickler Editing

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