Transcriptions Transcribing - Stickler EditingTranscriptons provided by the Stickler are guaranteed to accurately capture and display each and every important word from your speech, lecture, meeting, voice notes, or anything else you need in text form. We transcribe the old-fashioned way—that means no quick-fix gimmicks, and no missed words.

Are you looking to have someone sit in on that important meeting to take notes? Have you got an old recording of a talk that you’d love to have made into an article or ebook? Do you need that detailed lecture you gave made into a written text for your students to study? Let the Stickler put in the extra work and transcribe it for you.

Need more than a transcription? Check out the rest of our editing services. Or simply take a minute and fill out the questionnaire on the request a quote page to get a free and accurate estimate for the custom job you need done, today.

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  • “Really fantastic and easy to work with. Highly recommend.”
  • “Perfect job man! Very skilled and fast! Thank you very much!”
  • “The Stickler was AWESOME.”

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