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Professional Proofreading Services and Editing Services

Professional Proofreading ServicesProfessional proofreading and editing services provided by the Stickler enable you to be calm, confident, and assured that your work will come across the right way. Trained to edit all forms of the English language, whether American, British, Canadian, Australian, or anything else, the Stickler is just the editor you need.

Stickler Editing’s superior standard online editing services include a thorough check of your document for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and other matters of style; however, we also provide a wide range of other related editing services upon request such as manuscript consultation, fact/reference checking, indexing, complete structural and substantive editing, proofreading, transcribing, and more.

With years of experience implementing corrections directly to websites, blogs, videos, and specialized software platforms, we’re also able to offer programming and web work services should you need help building a website, maintaining a blog, or updating online records. Beyond standard editing and proofreading services, we also offer totally original copywriting services for those of you looking for fresh content, and we also work hand-in-hand with an affiliate to provide e-book formatting upon request.

Looking for help with your overall marketing automation efforts? The Stickler has his MCE and as such, has been expertly creating solutions and solving challenges in Marketo since 2012. He also has familiarity with, or extensive experience in, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, HubSpot, and Salesforce. Contact us for more details or to discuss what you’re looking for.

Though we do accept hard copy edit requests, our standard method of working is with Microsoft Word using Track Changes. In so doing, we are able to provide you with not only a final product ready to go, but also, a version showing all edits we have made, with which you can choose to “accept” or “reject” each one as you see fit.

Stickler Editing offers fair and affordable rates for all of these editing services, including express editing upon request, and will work together with you to individually and personally cater to the specific requirements of your unique work. Simply fill out the “request a quote” form and we will provide you with an accurate estimate completely free of charge. The Stickler is very, very fast, yet also meticulous and careful, and as such, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best quality editing and proofreading services available in the shortest amount of time.

To view some of the Stickler’s past and current experiences providing professional proofreading services and more, go to the experienced editor page. And what do these clients have to say? Read some testimonials.

Stickler’s Assurance of Quality Editing and Proofreading Services

We here at Stickler Editing are confident in the quality of the editing and proofreading services we provide. Therefore, we offer $1 off for every mistake* you find in our work.

In order to qualify for this special discount, users must notify us in writing (email) of each typo, spelling, or grammar mistake as found within twenty-four hours of receipt of the document Stickler Editing has sent for review. Users must make clear reference to the location of the mistake in question (page and paragraph), so that Stickler Editing can find and verify it.

*Please note: a “mistake” refers to either a typo or an error in spelling or grammar, which can be verified objectively as an error as according to documentation in The Chicago Manual of Style or the Oxford English Dictionary. Matters of opinion on style or diction are not considered mistakes. Users must clearly specify in the contract agreement for service in which English spelling (US, Canadian, British, Australian, etc.) they would like their document to be edited. Full details available in the terms of service.

Stickler’s Student Special

Competition in high school and university is immense, and the pressure to do well is ever-increasing. Stickler Editing is committed to assisting students in their learning, while at the same time, helping them to achieve the best marks they can. Therefore, we offer our professional proofreading services to students with a full explanation for every edit made, as we always do, in addition to a 10 percent discount on all editing services. To qualify for this special offer, simply indicate on the request a quote form that you require the “student special” and the Stickler will take care of the rest.

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