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Stickler’s Professional Online Editing ServiceThe Stickler’s standard professional online editing service includes a thorough check for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and general matters of style. Editing is done in any form of the English language as specified by you, and unless otherwise requested, we edit using The Chicago Manual of Style as the benchmark for corrections in punctuation, grammar, and style.

Stickler Editing is one of the leading professional online editing services available today. What makes us different? The Stickler offers lightning-fast turnaround times, top-notch quality editing, and one-on-one service from a well-seasoned pro!

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Our superior standard professional online editing service will catch any mistakes there are, and therefore, will leave you feeling confident and assured that your work is totally error-free and ready for delivery to your publisher, to be made into an e-book, handed over to your professor, or to “go live” on the web.

Unless otherwise requested (i.e. Open Office, etc.), we edit in Microsoft Word using Track Changes, which means you will see each and every change that’s been done, and can “accept” or “reject” each one as you see fit by going to the “Review” tab in Word. Alternatively, we also provide a copy with all changes already accepted, so you can just go ahead and use that as a final product ready to go if you wish.

Affordable Editing Services

As part of our mandate to provide superior editing services at a fair price, we take into account the specific job at hand when providing quotes, and not just a word count or number of pages. Things like the type/genre of work, who the author is, who the intended audience is, and how soon it needs to be completed are all factored into the equation. The result: we are able to offer you the best price we can on our leading professional quality online editing and proofreading services based upon your unique circumstances.

Don’t get burned by spell check or that helpful friend or colleague who says they’ll look it over for you ever again—hire a professional editor, the Stickler, and you can sit back and rest assured knowing your work will come out as best as can be.

Stickler’s Professional Online Editing Service - Request a QuoteSimply take a minute and fill out the questionnaire on the request a quote page to get a free and accurate estimate for the custom job you need done, today. Or, if you need more than our superior standard professional online editing service, check out the rest of our editing services.


  • “Really fantastic and easy to work with. Highly recommend.”
  • “Perfect job man! Very skilled and fast! Thank you very much!”
  • “The Stickler was AWESOME.”

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