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Three Proper Essay Grammar Mistakes That Almost Everyone Commits

Three Proper Essay Grammar Mistakes That Almost Everyone CommitsProper essay grammar is incredibly important, whether you’re looking to get your essay published or impress your professor. That said, “irregardless” (see what we did there?) of how intelligent you may be or how monumental your essay is, you can spoil the whole thing simply by committing a common grammar mistake that, really, almost all of us commit at least once per paper (if not more). Read More…

Typical Mistakes Missed with Rush Essay Editing

Typical Mistakes Missed with Rush Essay EditingLet’s say you’ve spent the last several weeks, months, or even years crafting the perfect piece of content to reveal to the outside world. But now with a deadline looming, you’re hoping to get a good rush essay editing job done to filter out any mistakes and correct what may be wrong. Sure, you may come across some typos (“form” instead of “from,” “it” instead of “is”), but there are a number of other problems that you’re likely missing, starting with: Read More…

How Passing Up on That Professional Essay Review Will Affect You

How Passing Up on That Professional Essay Review Will Affect YouRegardless of whether you’re a journalist, an academic, or any other “type” of writer, your paper can always benefit from a professional essay review. All too many of us have been misled time and time again into thinking that yes, we can best edit our own work, or even worse, place all of our trust into a computer program to do the work for us. Read More…

Quick Edit Tips for All Writers and Content Creators

Quick Edit Tips for All Writers and Content CreatorsEssays, journals, blog posts… though all may have varying degrees of importance in the public eye, each holds a lot of clout in terms of proving a writer’s intelligence, critical thinking skills, and credibility. If you’re hoping to transform your writing from “just another piece of content on the web” to something truly revolutionary, then you’ll want to take these quick edit tips to heart: Read More…

Journal Editing Services: The Secret to Academic Success

Journal Editing Services - The Secret to Academic SuccessOne far too seldom used trick for those in the academic world is to take advantage of journal editing services. All too many academics are blinded by the fact that they have a fantastic argument with the best studies and research to back their content. They figure that their groundbreaking discovery or idea is what will propel them ahead of most and lead to publication. Read More…

To, Too, or Two?

Spelling and Grammar Tips - To, Too, or Two
Read More…

Grammar Fact #218: The Future Perfect

The Future Perfect - Stickler Editing Read More…

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