How Do I Get Published? Five Tips That’ll Get Your Book Published


How Do I Get Published - Five Tips from Stickler Editing That’ll Get Your Book PublishedAnyone who writes always asks the question, “How do I get published?” If you want to get a book published, there are a number of things that you have to consider and complete prior to submission to give your book the best chance possible. Let’s start with the first and surprisingly very often forgotten tip:

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Tip 1: Finish Your Writing

How do you know if your work is even worthy of being published if you don’t finish writing it first? When you begin to focus on having your work published, you may lose sight of writing the book and begin to obsess over the publishing aspect of it. Get the words down on paper first, and then move on to thinking about how to get your idea or story out there!

Tip 2: Edit, Edit, and Edit Again

Nothing infuriates publishers more than receiving copy that’s loaded with spelling errors, grammatical errors, and poor sentence structure. Before you even think of sending in any piece of writing and ask, “How do I get published?” make sure you go through your writing with a fine-toothed comb. Getting a second pair of eyes to read your story, and then maybe a third, will also do you a world of good. Or, if you’re really serious about getting your story published, having a professional editing company take a look at your work and fix up any errors, inaccuracies, or points of confusion will go a long way in making your dream a reality. When you choose a professional editing service, you know that you’re giving the publishing house a professionally proofed copy that they’ll bother to read.

Tip 3: Agent or No Agent?

If you’re sending out something more than just short stories to magazines and are wondering how to get published, then you may want to consider hiring an agent. An agent will take care of any contracts that come your way and get the best publishing deal for your work. He or she has the experience and know-how to ensure that you find the best “home” for your writing. Keep in mind, however, that agents do take a commission, so if you don’t need the help that an agent provides or would like to self-publish your work, it may be worth it to skip them all together.

Tip 4: Investigate the Publisher

It’s never a wise idea to simply send out a ton of copies of your work to every publisher out there; that’s just going to be wasting your time and theirs. Do a bit of research on the different publishers you’re interested in. Look at the types of books or writing that they’ve published in the past, and think about whether or not your book fits in the with general theme of their other books. Look up online reviews and speak with other writers to make sure that they’re reputable and that past writers have enjoyed working with them.

Tip 5: Don’t Submit before Reading the Submission Guidelines

Before sending out any work, you need to obtain the submission guidelines for each and every publishing house that you’re interested in working with. Read them carefully and make sure that your submission complies with those guidelines; otherwise, your writing will just land in their trash bin. Most publishers will have the guidelines posted on their website.

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How Do I Get Published? Five Tips from Stickler Editing That’ll Get Your Book Published - Request a Quote

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