Four Signs That You’re Dealing with a Bad Editing Service


Four Signs That You're Dealing with a Bad Editing ServiceUnless you’ve worked with a number of editors in the past, it can be hard to determine what makes a good editing service, and which signs are clear indications that the editor or service you’re currently considering is a bad one. We’ve put together a quick list so that you can cut out the bad editors and work with only the best who will help you deliver your best finished product possible.
Four Signs That You're Dealing with a Bad Editing Service - Request a Quote

Sign #1: Quoting a Price without Reviewing Your Work

Just as a car mechanic wouldn’t give you a quote based on you hearing a strange “clunking” sound under the hood, a professional editing company won’t be able to give you a firm quote on your work without seeing it. They may be able to provide you with an estimated cost and a loose time frame for how long it will take them to complete it, but no guarantees or costs should be set in stone until they’ve had a chance to see your document.

TIP: Good editors will also provide you with a pricing structure or list of fees upon request that will help explain any “gray” areas, as well as let you know of any discounts you may receive on your work.

Sign #2: Unable to Explain Revisions

The best editors in the business will be able to:

  • Identify errors
  • Explain those errors
  • Fix the errors

Anyone can say that the sentence just doesn’t “flow right,” but an editor should be able to get down into the details as to why that was. What was wrong with the grammatical structure? Was there an issue with the word choice or the punctuation?

You should feel comfortable enough to sit down with that editor and ask for a full explanation of any remark that you don’t understand or agree with. That explanation is what’s going to give you the guarantee that you’re producing your best work possible.

Sign #3: Sets Unrealistic Goals

A number of freelance editors in particular make the mistake of setting unrealistic goals. They’ll tell you that they’ll have your fully proofed two-hundred page thesis back to you in twenty-four hours for peanuts, but then those twenty-four hours come and go… and then forty-eight hours pass… then seventy-two…

When speaking with an editor, you and the editor must both understand the limitations of that particular individual and the job at hand. A good editor is one that understands these limitations on time or funding, and will be able to provide you with a realistic time frame and quote for your project. That’s not to say that twenty-four hour service can’t be done—it sure can, and often is here—but under the right circumstances…

Sign #4: No References

You’re hiring an editor to do a job for you, and should treat it much like if you were hiring an employee to fulfill a job role. The editing service that you’re interested in should be able to provide you with a detailed resume upon request—one that includes updated contact information, and good references from colleagues and clients.

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Four Signs That You're Dealing with a Bad Editing Service - Request a Quote

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