Fix My Paper: Top Three Reasons Why You Need an Editor


Fix My Paper - Top Three Reasons Why You Need an EditorWhether it’s a thesis, an essay, a term paper, or a dissertation, having an editor check over your piece of writing is absolutely essential. Yes, you’ve read it once, twice, thrice… perhaps even ten times. But even then your biased eyes may be leaving some pertinent information out or skewing your message.

Fix My Paper: Top Three Reasons Why You Need an Editor - Request a QuoteAn editor isn’t only there to clarify your message, but he or she is there to make sure that the proper and intended message is communicated. Wonder how they do it? These are the top three reasons why you will likely need an editor to “fix my paper”:

1. Eyes That Are Fresh and Objective

The fact that you have likely read your piece of writing more than twice is reason enough to hire an editor. A fresh pair of eyes will be able to offer you alternative suggestions that can improve your content and improve your messaging, or tighten up your thesis. A professional editor will also be able to detect whether or not you’ve used a particular word or phrase one too many times (such as “thus” or “as well as,” etc.).

Most importantly, editors aren’t concerned about not hurting your feelings. This isn’t to say that they’re out for blood; but rather, they are out to make your paper as prophetic as possible. Part of that process for the writer is being willing to accept criticism from the editor and to take it to heart when redrafting a new copy. A good editor will not only point out any spelling or grammatical errors, but they’ll address all issues that may be threatening to send your message or content astray.

2. Saves You Time

If you ever tried to time every time you went back and checked a sentence, a paragraph, or even your entire paper, you’d likely run up numerous hours on the count. By hiring a professional editor, not only are you getting a “better” (or, at least, a different) set of eyes to check out your paper, but you’re saving yourself countless hours combing through your work and coming to no concrete results. This also means that you’ll save yourself a load of frustration as well that comes along with editing for issues such as style, grammar, flow, and word choice.

3. Improves Your Writing Now and in the Future

One of the main goals of all editors is to improve a piece of writing so that the messaging is more coherent and clear to anyone reading the content. By taking in what an editor has to say about your current piece of writing now, you’ll then be able to carry those lessons on through your other papers in the future. As most writers will tell you, spending a session or two with an editor has helped them significantly improve their writing ability, and so asking an editor to “fix my paper” the next time around becomes a quick double-checking exercise as opposed to a serious rewriting endeavour.

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Fix My Paper: Top Three Reasons Why You Need an Editor - Request a Quote

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