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Stickler Editing to the Rescue

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Four Reasons Why You Need a Copy Editor


Four Reasons Why You Need a Copy EditorReady for an inconvenient truth that’s hard for every writer to swallow? You will likely never come close to being as good at proofreading and editing your work as a fresh, unbiased set of eyes (i.e. someone else) is. This is the key reason why writers need a copy editor.

Four Reasons Why You Need a Copy Editor - Request a Quote

Not only will a copy editor help clean up any spelling and grammatical errors, they could very well save your reputation in a number of ways, such as: Read More…

Three Most Common Mistakes of a Web Content Writer

Three Most Common Mistakes of a Web Content WriterA web content writer holds a very important job on the net. Not only do they need to produce good content, the kind of content that their readership will take the time to read during those few precious moments they have between work, housework, children, etc., but they also need to ensure that the content meets “search engine standards” in terms of standing out and getting noticed.
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Four Tips for Successful Essay Proofreading

Four Tips for Successful Essay ProofreadingA successful paper is a well edited paper. Unfortunately however, many of us grossly miscalculate the amount of editing that an essay may need in order to be up to scratch. Below are four tips for successful essay proofreading:
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Why Essay Editing Will Help You “Make the Grade”

Why Essay Editing Will Help You Make the GradeWant to turn an average paper into an “A”-worthy essay? Then it’s either time to shift your essay editing skills into full gear or hire the Stickler! Many authors may think that their paper before an essay check is all fine and good, but going over your essay with a fine-toothed comb will only further improve its quality. Here are just some of the benefits that performing proper copy editing as the final step in your essay writing process will bring:
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Five Common Errors That You Probably Won’t Catch, but a Proofreading Service Will

Five Common Errors That You Probably Won’t Catch, but a Proofreading Service WillThink you don’t need to hire a proofreading service to make sure that your copy is in tip-top shape? The Stickler says: think again! Even the most meticulous of authors who have spent hours and hours combing through their work spellchecking, fact checking, and format checking often make these overlooked errors that proofreading services are paid to ensure don’t happen:
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Hire a Web Copy Editing Service before Your Pen Hits the Paper

Web Copy EditingYou’ve spent a number of years sitting at different tables, in different rooms, continually learning and putting pieces of information together. You’ve spent countless hours studying, making connections, and developing your own thoughts and ideas. The end is right around the corner, and it all lies on the quality of your dissertation or thesis. Read More…

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