Practice or Practise?


Grammar and Spelling Tips - Practice or Practise

If you write in American English, you can just use practice no matter what. Otherwise, it’s spelled practice when used as a noun, practise when used as a verb.


I really need to practise my grammar more or I’m going to fail my English exam.
I like to practise piano.
If you want to learn how to cook a good lasagna, you have no choice but to practise making it often.

Practice makes perfect.
I’ve worked at the same practice for over fifty years.

It’s important to practise meditation every day as part of your overall spiritual practice.

Still unsure? Use practise whenever it’s acting as the verb in the sentence, i.e. “to practise” something; use practice whenever it’s functioning as a noun in the sentence, i.e. “a practice”, “the practice”, etc.

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