Three Most Common Mistakes of a Web Content Writer


Three Most Common Mistakes of a Web Content WriterA web content writer holds a very important job on the net. Not only do they need to produce good content, the kind of content that their readership will take the time to read during those few precious moments they have between work, housework, children, etc., but they also need to ensure that the content meets “search engine standards” in terms of standing out and getting noticed.

Three Most Common Mistakes of a Web Content Writer - Request a QuoteAs such, web writers have a large responsibility when it comes to producing the best content for their businesses, not to mention sustaining the overall value of online content, and so they should make sure that they stick to that responsibility by avoiding the following three mistakes:

1. Making It Too Complicated

As a web content writer, you’re undoubtedly writing to at least maintain or even gain a steady and loyal readership, if not to increase lead and customer conversions. So keep whatever it is that you’re writing as simple as possible. For the most part, your readers won’t care too much about the small details—the fact is, they often simply want to know how they can benefit. If they can’t see how they’ll gain from whatever it is you’re writing about, they’ll likely hit that “Back” button in no time, very well never to return again.

2. Taking Your “Self Expression” Too Far

Whether it’s being far too elaborate and complicated in your writing or constantly changing the appearance of your content (i.e. changing colors, formatting, images, boldface type, etc.), if you’re being “too artistic,” then you risk the chance of appearing gaudy, tacky, or just plain amateur. Stick to a steady set of style guidelines, use normal and easy-to-read fonts and font colors, and choose images that make sense with the content being presented. Remember, your goal is to have an effective website that’s of value to your customers and readers.

3. Completely Avoiding SEO

For most of us out there, the best chance that we have of getting discovered on the web largely depends on just how well we optimize our blogs. How do we optimize our blogs? Through SEO, or search engine optimization. The rules are ever-changing, but some things will always stay the same, such as:

  • Certain keywords will help you out more than others.
  • The correct use of those keywords will help you rank higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages).
  • Backlinks are always a good thing (when people visit your website, you’ll receive a “vote” in your website’s favour, thus increasing your ranking once again), and from the more credible the source (New York Times vs. your mom), the better.

Yes, you may think that you’re implementing keywords now, but there’s a god chance that you’re implementing the wrong ones. Unless you’re a large, multi-billion dollar corporation (think Wal-Mart or Coca Cola), then those top “short-tail” keywords that you see presented to you in your keyword tool aren’t likely doing you any favours. Why? Because they’re already taken. There’s often no way your company’s little website or blog stands a chance at first when matching up against the mega corporations or well-established keyword hogs out there.

So here’s what you should be focusing on first:

  • Long-tail keywords
  • Local SEO keywords

Those two things, when matched with a peppering of some selective short-tail SEO keywords, are what are going to have that targeted organic traffic to a web content writer’s content and boost your readership. Then once established, you can stake your claim on those popular short-tail keywords you covet…

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Three Most Common Mistakes of a Web Content Writer - Request a Quote

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