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I Need an Editor“I need an editor” is a phrase that’s been heard in schools and in business for decades—and for good reason. Unfortunately, there are a growing number of individuals who need an editor out there but just don’t realize how much an editor can benefit them and their future. If you’re on the fence as to whether or not you need an editor, then take these top I need an editor reasons to heart:

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My Spelling Stinks

Sure, we all have spell check, but spell check will only catch so much. Depending on what software you’re using or what download you’re on, your spell check is likely omitting a number of highly detrimental spelling and grammatical errors that can adversely affect the outcome of your thesis or business document.

And though everyone may make spelling or grammatical errors in their life, in a professional setting, this is a huge “no-no.” Mistyping something in a text message is one thing, but submitting a term paper or a proposal that has even one tiny error in it will have your professor or investor wondering just how serious you were about handing in a fully proofed paper that’s to be a representation of you and your mind.

I Have Inconsistent Style

Even the most intelligent of individuals often suffer from having inconsistent style in their work. Whether it’s changing the “who” they’re speaking to, the tense, or anything else, many pieces of writing are fraught with stylistic inconsistencies.

What’s particularly challenging is that these stylistic inconsistencies can be hard to pick out by someone who has read that very same paper or piece of content over and over again. An editor who has a fresh pair of eyes and an objective view, however, will quickly be able to spot and correct those inconsistencies, and so the paper is then more fluent and has a far better flow.

I’ve Read My Work Ten+ Times and I’m Still Not Happy!

Brace yourself as this may be hard to hear, but…
You are not your best critic.

In fact, you are likely your WORST critic.

This is likely why so many writers will read their piece of writing, and though perhaps satisfied, will feel as if something’s missing. Wonder why you’re feeling as if something’s missing? It’s because SOMETHING IS.

In order to uncover that missing piece or those lacking pieces of information, it’s imperative for writers to hire on a pair of unbiased eyes to comb over their content and pick out any inconsistencies, errors, or gaps and help the writer correct or add to those areas. Remind yourself that if you, as the creator of the work, is thinking “I need an editor” or feels that anything is amiss, then anyone who is reading your work will almost certainly feel the exact same way.

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