Quick Edit Tips for All Writers and Content Creators


Quick Edit Tips for All Writers and Content CreatorsEssays, journals, blog posts… though all may have varying degrees of importance in the public eye, each holds a lot of clout in terms of proving a writer’s intelligence, critical thinking skills, and credibility. If you’re hoping to transform your writing from “just another piece of content on the web” to something truly revolutionary, then you’ll want to take these quick edit tips to heart:

Quick Edit Tips for All Writers and Content Creators - Request a Quote

1) Plan Ahead

The best essays, reports, and opinion pieces are those that follow a plan. One quick edit tip that most writers fail to recognize is the importance of planning every move well in advance. Every single step should be planned out and written on a calendar so you know exactly which day certain elements of your paper must be completed, and when you’ll be able to edit for certain pieces of information. By doing that, you’ll be holding yourself accountable and be able to focus on one type of editing at a time, which brings us to point number two…

2) Make Every Edit Count

Whenever you edit your work (which should be more than once), make sure that every time you do so that you’re directly contributing to the overall goal that you’re hoping to accomplish. Try to break down each and every edit into bite-sized pieces, such as:

  • Edit number one is for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Edit number two is for factual information and studies.
  • Edit number three is for tense and the overall flow of the content.

3) Write for Your Audience

Far too many of us write to impress our audience rather than help them. Our quick editing tip: to write from a place that is focused on helping your readers, rather than trying to impress them with your uniqueness and intelligence. As soon as you begin to concentrate on helping your readership rather than impress them, you’ll be able to create a piece that people will want to read rather than ignore.

4) Keep It Strictly “Edutainment”

One of the hardest parts about writing for an audience is to keep it equally as entertaining as it is educational. Remember in even the most average of papers or general website content, you need to be able to captivate your audience and make the research or point of view that you’re presenting relevant to them. Whether it’s entertaining language, citing current trends, or using particular language, you need to keep your readership reading by employing certain “entertainment tactics,” which are relevant and applicable to your writing and your purpose.

5) Get It While It’s Hot

One of the best ways to get noticed on the web, especially for bloggers, is to touch on current trends in their writing. Getting in on a hot news story or trend is a fantastic way to try to gain some recognition for yourself (and it’ll also help you in terms of SEO). That said, you can still repurpose older content and make it more relevant by adding in current news topics or trends in those pieces.

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Quick Edit Tips for All Writers and Content Creators - Request a Quote

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