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How Do I Get Published? Five Tips That’ll Get Your Book Published


How Do I Get Published - Five Tips from Stickler Editing That’ll Get Your Book PublishedAnyone who writes always asks the question, “How do I get published?” If you want to get a book published, there are a number of things that you have to consider and complete prior to submission to give your book the best chance possible. Let’s start with the first and surprisingly very often forgotten tip:
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Why Not Using a Grammar Check Service Can Cost You Your Dream Job

Get a Quick Grammar Check from Stickler Editing - Professional EditorIf there’s one thing that hiring managers hate, it’s receiving a cover letter or a resume that’s full of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. While you may think that those one, two, or ten grammatical errors that you made aren’t a big deal, in reality, these set off red flags for your potential future employer.
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Why You Need Editing Services for Dissertations

Why You Need Editing Services for DissertationsComing up with your master thesis or dissertation is by no means an easy task. Thinking of a remarkable idea, compiling sufficient data to back up your claims and research, and receiving approval from your professor or supervisor can make writing a dissertation an incredibly difficult process. Would you be willing to put it all on the line over a few typos? That’s why editing services for dissertations is a must.

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I Need English Grammar Help That’s Affordable and That Works!

I Need English Grammar HelpThere’s no question that the English language is one of the most difficult languages to learn, leading many people whose native language isn’t English to say, “I need English grammar help!”

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Looking for an Editor: Five Characteristics Every Good Editor Must Have


Looking for an EditorIf you’re looking for an editor to proofread your copy, you want to make sure that you’re hiring the best for the job. After all, nothing could be more horrifying to a writer of course than having their masterpiece published full of spelling mistakes and syntax errors!
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Attention All Gamers—Get Ready to Practise Your Grammar Rules

Attention All Gamers - Get Ready to Practise Your Grammar RulesYou won’t believe it—somebody actually created a game whereby all grammar sticklers out there can put their knowledge of and speed with grammar rules to the practice!
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Edit My Essay — Six Tips for Success

Edit My EssayDoes this picture seem familiar? Nearly everyone can relate to those late nights in college, university, or high school where you are just about ready to give up and exclaim, “Please, somebody, edit my essay!”
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